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Kevin Drum and CW2 TJ Anspach
Kevin Drum & CW2 TJ Anspach
United States Army
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These instructions apply to all Buell XB12 models.

For XB9 models start at step #4.

Stock Muffler disassembly:

  1. Remove the Air box cover by removing the 4 T27 torx screws that hold it in place. Donít lose the screws and plastic washers.
  2. Loosen the lock nuts on the mechanical muffler valve cable and disconnect it from the servo motor. Leave the servomotor in place with its electrical wires connected.
  3. Carefully work the mechanical cable past the engine to free it completely. You will have to cut some wire ties and then replace them later.
  4. Remove the chin fairing by removing the 7 T27 torx screws that hold it in place. Save the screws and plastic washers Ė you may need then someday.
  5. Loosen the rear axle pinch bolt on the underside of the swing arm.
  6. Using the rear axle removal tool from the kit unscrew the rear axle 20 full turns. This loosens the drive belt tension.
  7. Remove the front belt guard by removing the 3 T27 torx screws that hold it in place. Don't lose the plastic washers.
  8. Unscrew the 2 nuts that retain the belt tensioner and pull the tensioner off of its studs. The studs are a close fit on the holes in the tensioner so be sure to pull off in a straight even manner. Don't try to pry it off. If it sticks then push it back on all the way and try again to pull it off straight.
  9. Loosen the torcon clamp on the muffler's inlet.
  10. Loosen and remove the front band clamp and the two rear band clamps that hold the muffler to the engine.
  11. Work the muffler off of the header by twisting slightly.
  12. Remove the front band clamp and its bracket from the underside front of the engine.


New muffler installation: 

  1. Remove the (2) 5/16 X 18 button head allen screws that connect the Drummer to its front bracket.
  2. Remove the 2 ĹĒ X 5/16Ē allen head bolt from the front bracket.
  3. Attach the front bracket to engine front boss where the old strap mount was attached using the 2 Ĺ" X 5/16Ē allen head bolt supplied.  Do not tighten it at this time.
  4. If you have purchased the optional chin spoiler mounting brackets, now is the time to install them (the left one canít be installed with the muffler in place). If you arenít using the chin spoiler brackets, skip steps 5, 6 & 16.
  5. To mount the right chin spoiler mount, remove the two nuts that hold the drive belt idler pulley bracket and place the bracket over the studs. The right spoiler mounting bracket also attaches at itís front end with the front muffler mounting bolt. Replace the two idler pulley nuts and retighten. Leave the front nut in place but loose for now.
  6. To mount the left chin spoiler mount, support the bike and remove the two bolts that hold the kick stand on. The left spoiler mounting bracket also attaches at its front end with one of the side case mounting bolts. Remove that bolt, locate the left spoiler mounting bracket in place and re attach using the longer bolt we supplied and the kick stand bolts. Re tighten the bolts and you are done with the chin spoiler brackets.
  7. Place the stock torcon clamp over the Drummerís inlet pipe. Note: The Drummerís pipe can rotate a bit and may seem loose. Itís supposed to be that way for proper fitment. Leave it loose.
  8. Slip the Drummerís inlet pipe over the stock header and swing the Drummer into place. It may be helpful to support the muffler from the floor at this point (unless you have 3 hands).
  9. Line up the two tapped holes in the front of the muffler with the slots in the muffler bracket. Start the button head screws but donít tighten them all the way just yet. They go in easy when everything is lined up. (You might want to put a little blue Loctite on those screws).
  10. Put the two rear muffler bands back on just like the stock arrangement. Leave them a bit loose for the moment.
  11. At this point, everything is in place but loose. Push the front of the muffler up and lightly snug up the 2 button head screws. The muffler should be level to the engine and nothing should be binding.
  12. Tighten the rear bands to the stock recommendation of 48 to 60 in-lbs.  Be careful that the male threaded rod on the clamps doesnít stick out far enough to hit the idler pulley.
  13. Now loosen the front button heads to let them center and then torque them down to 95 in lbs.
  14. Tighten the 2 ĹĒ X 5/16Ē allen head bolt on the front bracket to the stock recommendation of 22 - 25 ft-lbs.
  15. Line up the torcon clamp with the top of the Drummerís inlet pipe and tighten it to the stock recommendation of 40 - 45 ft-lbs.
  16. Re mount the chin spoiler using the new brackets and the original screws.
  17. Start the bike and check for any looseness or significant leaks. A very small bit of blow by through the compression slots in the header pipe is acceptable.
  18. Now ride the bike at around 3500 RPM for approximately 20 miles so the ECM will learn the new Drummer.
  19. For peak performance, purchase and install the Buell Race ECM and a K&N filter.


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