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Kevin Drum and CW2 TJ Anspach
Kevin Drum & CW2 TJ Anspach
United States Army
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The Original Drummer
Upon request your new exhaust can be upgraded to include a Core Wrap that resists oxidation in temperatures up to 24000F for a additional fee of $30.00

Note:  New design and new features!

The original Drummer is created from your stock XB9 or XB12 Buell muffler. We split it open, gut it, and work our magic to make it flow, sound and look better. When we are done it weighs 7 pounds less, is shorter and has a new heat resistant paint job. The Drummer's original design has been recently upgraded to include a 304 stainless steel water-jet cut end cap and a brushed stainless steel tip. Some of the technology learned on the new Drummer SS has been transferred back into the Original Drummer.   Because it is a modified stock pipe, all the mounting points retain their perfect fit to your bike and you can still jack the bike just like the original muffler allowed. The chin spoiler fits just like it did before. On the XB12s, the muffler valve is no longer needed and the cable is simply disconnected at the servomotor.

Unlike many aftermarket mufflers, power gains are achieved throughout the entire RPM range, especially at the bottom end.  Both the XB9 and the XB12 series Buells really come alive with the addition of a K&N air filter and the Buell Race ECM to the Drummer. Dynamometer testing shows increased torque from top to bottom over the stock pipe as well as the Buell Race pipe. The sound the pipe makes is louder than the stock or Buell race pipes but not bad enough to get you in trouble with the law.  It is a deep thumping sound and not a sharp crack like some of the other aftermarket pipes or a drag pipe.

Long life Fiberglass packing is included as standard. On the new Ulysses, a 12 gauge floor stiffener plate can be welded inside of the muffler if desired.

To upgrade your muffler to a Drummer, all you have to do is remove your stock muffler and ship it to us with your payment for $400 plus  shipping and we will perform our magic on it and ship it right back. Please call first for shipping quote! Turn around time is just shipping from you to us and then back to you plus a few days for us to make the conversion.  Please remember to remove all clamps and cables before you ship your core to us.

So you think removing your muffler might be a tough job? Check out the "XB Muffler Removal Instructions" .

Take a look at the dyno charts to see the difference the Drummer makes!

We can accept payment through Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Give us a Call!



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We can accept payment through Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Give us a Call!


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