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These are unsolicited testimonials and emails to Kevin and KD Fabrications.  Thanks!

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Kevin Drum and CW2 TJ Anspach
Kevin Drum & CW2 TJ Anspach
United States Army
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From Rocky Canady To: kdfab

Subject: Drummer

Dude, you rock! That pipe gave me a kick in the seat. I'm a believer and will help spread the word. Check out the DRUMMER section for my posting.

Later. Hate I missed the dinner. I didn't check my email and was out testing that new pipe in the mountains.


Please send me a badge for my drummer. Thanks. You and Kevin are the greatest.

Ps. My Drummer equipped XB9R took FIRST PLACE in the Horsepower Challenge Sportster/Buell Class at Arizona Bike Week this year.
Scottsdale, AZ

Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 8:49 AM
Subject: RE: Refurbished Exhaust


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  Yes, I did receive the muffler and was excessively pleased with the refurbishing work as the muffler looks brand new!  I am very grateful that you have done this work as few companies stand behind their products in this way.  The craftsmanship of your muffler is beyond reproach, and you clearly care about your customers’ satisfaction.

 Unfortunately, the muffler is not on the new bike yet.  Jon is working on updating its front and rear suspension, and he had issues installing the Ohlins rear shock – it needs a shorter hose, some spacers to avoid interference with the fan, and he needs to fabricate a bracket for the remote reservoir…   Once all this is sorted out, he will install the muffler and the new EBR ECM.   I can’t wait to try the bike, but I must be patient as we have plenty of snow here in Ottawa and late April is rather far…

Again, many thx for all your hard work and efforts.

 All the best for 2011!
Kind regards,

Ivan Zinger, LL.B., Ph.D.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ian Birdsall"
To: "Kevin Drum"
Subject: Re: Drummer

Thanks Kev,
 It arrived today (Wed - it got into Oz Tuesday 2nd Aug as you said it would) it is beautiful, will fit it tomorrow night, test run and check fuel  Friday and a weekend run is coming up for an overnight stay at a country pub for a mate's 40th. Thanks for the fast shipping and great service.

Very happy's got a really big outlet! Please thank Steve (jersey) from me too. Ian.

From: "Stephen Cayer"
To: <kdfab
Subject: Re: Drummer

 Got it. put it on. that pipe rocks! once the ecu learned the airflow (took 10 mins) the bike was lifting the front end at 3500rpm. oh, and it sounds great too.

 Kevin, you are the man! thank you so much for the super quick turnaround.

Stephen (another happy customer)

----- Original Message -----

From: "marshall suetterlin"

To: <kdfab

Subject: Thanks


I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and product quality. You really went out of your way to make sure I got my Drummer in a hurry and to make sure everything was OK. I've never really done any work on my Buell and don't consider myself much of a mechanic but I didn't have any problems with the removal of my old muffler or the installation of the new one thanks to your easy to follow instructions. It's sad to say but not many company's understand the concept of customer satisfaction. I was really impressed with the way you all do business and especially with your product, my Buell sounds great.

Thanks again,

Marshall Suetterlin

Colorado Springs, CO

Buell XB9


Copied from the BBS:

I have a citycross. Bought the race kit and hated the way it ran, so switched back to the stock setup until I figured out which aftermarket pipe to get. I was going to wait until Blake did the "ultimate unbiased pipe shootout" and see which is best. Alas, after a really (really) stupid off roading incident, I completely destroyed my stock muffler. I mean GONE. My race pipe was 300 miles away in my friends garage. I was without a pipe and hence bikeless.

I've been following the "who's pipe is best" drama for a while, and to be frank, my initial amusement turned to annoyance after a while. Alas, I needed to get back on the road quick. So I gave Kevin Drum a call, told him my story and asked if I could pay extra to get one of his pipes without sending mine in (nothing much left to send) and also if he could ship it overnight. He worked all night Tuesday night finishing up an extra pipe he had, and mailed it overnight express. As of yesterday afternoon, it was in my hands, and shortly thereafter on my bike.

My impressions: everything positive you've ever heard about this pipe are true. It pulls hard, smooth and evenly from a dead stop to redline. It sounds deep and mean, without being too obnoxious. I lifted the front wheel easily shifting first to second at relatively low RPMs. Bottom line is it feels like a brand new bike, with the smoothness of the stock can, but the grunt and power of the race can (which performs well only at 4200 and up). I did not test top speed (got the needle over 130 with the race pipe), so I don't know if it suffers there at all, but I got up to 100mph very very very quickly and it felt butter smooth and predictable. I hated the way the race can lurched between being "in the zone" and out of it - way too unpredictable when accelerating out of a turn.

Its funny because just last weekend I was really getting pissed off about all the sniping going on about this pipe (the norris post and follow up drama), and even thought about not getting one because of that. None of that matters. Kevin is the coolest motorcycle part seller I've EVER dealt with when it comes to getting things done and seeing it through. He even called me this morning to make sure I was happy with it. He's a great guy, with a remarkable product who makes a living by trying to make Buells run the best that they can. What more could you ask for.

- Very Happy Camper

----- Original Message -----

From: Dave Leppelmeier
To: Kevin Drum
Subject: Re: Drummer



Holy Shit!!!!!!

Man, you work magic!!!!! :) :) :)

F'ing awsome, this is not the same bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus, where the hell did you learn to do this stuff? I can't believe what a difference this made, and it sounds awsome! After I cycled it through a couple of on /off cycles and the computer adjusted for the map and pipe, I couldn't wipe the shit eating grin off my face!  Can't thank you enough.

Best roads to you,

----- Original Message -----

From: "Carlos Pagan"
To: <kdfab
Subject: Drummer


Amazing difference!!! I was sporting a Jardine can for the past three months and the low end torque loss was very upsetting, so much that passing cars was a gamble at low speeds. And then it came the Drummer the sound and the performance are unparalleled. I have ridden it only twice and the change in the behavior of the bike is very satisfying. The thing that I like the most is how the sound evolves as you ride. On idle it wont bother the neighbors but when you let the hammer down the progressive grunt is just out of this world, you just want to keep going more and more. I got the points cover as you can see and the shirt too. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

A satisfied customer from south FL

Carlos M. Pagan

----- Original Message -----

From: RJ

To: kdfab
Subject: Muffler

 Kevin, this is Rick from Eagle Idaho.  Just wanted to let you know I received my muffler and I love it. Great job and thanks for the speedy service. I will be recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks again,



----- Original Message -----

From: RLKellar1

To: kdfab

Subject: My DRUMMER Rocks!

 Hey Kevin,

I could not be happier with my DRUMMER. It's been 500 miles since the install and I have found the power smooth, and the sound awesome. My opinion, it's well worth the money. But what I have been most impressed with is the owner of KDFAB. I appreciate you taking the time to explain to me my options. Not trying to sell me something that I don't need. Delivering the DRUMMER on time. Giving me an after hour number should I encounter a problem with the install. Last but not least, a follow up call to see if I was satisfied with the DRUMMER. This kind of customer service is unheard of now days. Thanks again for everything.

Russ Kellar

Austin, TX

----- Original Message -----
From: "J. Browning"
To: <kdfab
Subject: A Happy Drummer


 Just another thank you. No other exhaust has it. In case you've read any of the "ride to the ranchito" or "Houston Buellers" on the bad web, I went for the day last Saturday. I had a great time and met a lot of new friends. Everyone was checking out my bike since I had the only 2006 XB12Ss. They all admired the looks of my new drummer, then someone asked me to start my bike so they could hear it. I must say, it got a lot of attention. My family says that if you watch me when I start my bike you'll see me get an instant grin on my face. If only they could see my face under the helmet when I twist the throttle....You constantly get good advertisement from me because people are always checking out my drummer. You may see me comment about it on some of the web sites. I go by Jxb on BadWeb & Jxb12 SportTwin and several others.

 Keep on Drummin,

----- Original Message -----
From: scott karp
To: kdfab
Subject: Drummer SS

  I just wanted to thank you for your verbal instructions on the chin spoiler mounting brackets. Installation took 1 hour. I have been an ASE master technician for over 19 years. I've modified cars, trucks, boats, jetskis and motorcycles. I can't recall ever using an aftermarket part that did not need modification of some sort in order to fit or work properly, ie bending, trimming, enlarging of holes... Your creation fit just as well if not better than stock. The sound is exhilarating. The looks are stunning. It's always nice to do business with people who have passion for their work as you obviously do. Thank you again.

 Scott Karp

San Diego, CA


----- Original Message -----
From: Kim Rex McClain
To: Kevin Drum
Subject: Thanks

Kevin, Kim up in northern NY.. Just got a chance to take the bike out after a long winter.. Took the bike to the local Harley /Buell dealership I got it from and reset the TPS with race ECM and your pipe. He was impressed, but not as much as I was after running it for the afternoon.. Truly a work of art... I just can't believe the difference in the way it runs...and the grin just from the pull the bike has and the sound that it produces, has got me psyched beyond belief... Thanks again for your work and the amount of time you put into it to make my bike run like it should...Keep up the great work.. Thanks .... Kim


----- Original Message -----
From: don groff
To: kdfab
Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Dear Kevin

I honestly feel I cannot thank you enough for all the mechanical advice as well as the unbelievably fast turn around on my "Original" Drummer. It arrived before noon today and I was on the road in no time. the neck was a little more oblong then round but it was easily corrected. The Drummer is everything it supposed to be and more.

Rush hour here starts at 3 pm and although I've already been out on the beltway I'm sure I've barely begun to appreciate it.

If you are ever in the DC area keep my number handy!

Thanks again!
Don Groff

----- Original Message -----
To: kdfab
Subject: California XB12 muffler shipping address

Thanks for the call Kevin, 

 Please feel free to put this E-Mail on your web-site.

Kevin, I looked on many web sites concerning which can to buy for my 06 XB12Scg. Your reputation preceded you on all of the sites I looked at and I bought your original Drummer after talking to you. I had talked with three other purveyors of modified Buell cans, but you were far away and above anyone else when it came to answering my questions and leading me in making a decision. On top of that, your actual service is best describable as superlative in nature. I did not even care if your can put out the most power (which they say it does) or not,  your customer service and delivery concerns (beyond even your own physical condition) easily swayed me to buy your product. I grew up in the automotive business and was taught that product, customer service and satisfaction are paramount to long-lasting business success. You have it nailed down pat, a real rarity in todays business world. I will advise anyone who asks (or don't) on how satisfied I am with you and your product. Thanks for going way above & beyond to get my can back in time for the Palm Springs show.

 Marc Lietha
Cathedral City, CA 92234 

----- Original Message -----
From: Michael DeHaven
To: kdfab
Subject: Drummer exhaust 

I just got my Drummer yesterday. I must say thanks. You guys are great. Even though this is a modified stock exhaust, Quality is outstanding. It puts my last exhaust to shame. (two brother exhaust for an 05 ninja 636) You guys do one hell of a job. Install (if you don't follow the service manual) is only 30-45min. The look and sound of this exhaust is outstanding. I'm sure you heard this all before, but I have to give credit where credit is deserved. My 2004 XB12r now sounds as good as she looks.

Thanks again

Michael DeHaven (very satisfied customer)




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