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Kevin Drum and CW2 TJ Anspach
Kevin Drum & CW2 TJ Anspach
United States Army
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Upon request your new exhaust can be upgraded to include a Core Wrap that resists oxidation in temperatures up to 24000F for a additional fee of $30.00. Read on.

Welcome to KD Fab located deep in the heart of NASCAR country.  We are based in Statesville North Carolina, right down the road from so many shops whose sole purpose is to create power and handling, and do it in a spectacular looking package. It isn't just a hobby or a business around here, its a way of life, a purpose and a goal.  A goal to rise above the best. Some of the new school folks do this in the big NASCAR shops and some still do it the way Smokey Yunick meant it to be - with a dream in a small garage tucked away in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains.  This is KD Fab, old school, realizing goals born in the heart and produced with a soul.

It's simple. We were not satisfied with what the aftermarket had to offer in exhaust pipes for the Buell XB series motorcycles. So we took it upon ourselves to modify the existing exhaust pipe on the stock XBs. Over the course of 3 months we did over 60 dynamometer runs on 13 different versions of modifications to come up with the absolute best configuration. This is how the original Drummer was born. We believe we achieved our goal and it continues to includes every variation of the Buell XB9 and XB12 models.

Our desire is to achieve a smooth power band throughout the power range and not just high peak power numbers on a dyno. We are after a more "streetable" pipe because you don't ride your bike on a dynamometer, you ride it on the street. The cool thing is that we also achieved higher peak HP values as well as greatly improving bottom end performance!

Much of our testing is performed at Tilley Harley Davidson / Buell on all the different models. The original Drummer was also tested on the the Tilley race Buell that has been punched out to 1350 ccs among other modifications. It helped that race bike to have more power, so it will also help your modifications to your bike perform better. We have also designed an "on the road" data acquisition system to verify air / fuel ratios under all conditions.

We continue to develop and test our products to achieve the highest levels of performance. We haven't taken a "one size fits all" muffler and adapted it to fit a Buell. Our product line has expanded based on our customers requests and our continuing desire to produce the best products possible. All our mufflers and other products are designed specifically for Buells by Buell owners and Buell riders. And all of our products are made in America with our own hands and we test and use them on our own bikes.

Eric AshbaughSo now you're wondering which is the right Drummer model for you. There are three current Drummer models. They are the original Drummer for the XB series which is made from your stock muffler and a 304 stainless steel water-jet cut end cap, the Drummer SS for the XB series that is custom built with 304 stainless steel water-jet cut end cap and a stainless steel shell and the all new Drummer 1125SS which is an all stainless steel construction for all of the Rotax powered Buells. We have several accessories and perform custom, one of a kind builds as well. We have created a descriptive page for each one to help you in the decision process. (The econo Drummer has been discontinued and the Drummer CF was a limited edition model).


Drummer Pricing:

Drummer SS XB (all years and euro model) $650  *optional corewrap $30*
Original Drummer XB $400 optional corewrap $30
Chinspoiler Mounts for the Drummer SS $75
DB Killers( all models) $60
Drummer 1125 $979.95  *optional corewrap $30*
Drummer T-shirts $20 upon availability
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Canada & International Shipping - Call for Quote




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Kevin Drum hard at work on his racer's bike:
Eric Ashbaugh #83

Kevin Drum works on Eric Ashbaugh's race bike.
Motorcyclist Magazine January 2011 Edition.  MC Project:  Buell Tribute Bike featuring the awesome Drummer Exhaust. Click to open PDF version.  Special thanks to Motorcyclist Magazine for providing this article to us!
Motorcyclist Magazine January 2011 Edition

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