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Kevin Drum and CW2 TJ Anspach
Kevin Drum & CW2 TJ Anspach
United States Army
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Instructions from the Buell service manual for re-zeroing the Throttle Position Sensor:

This action must be performed by an authorized Buell dealer whenever an Engine Control Module is changed

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) reset

1. Connect vehicle to Digital Technician
2. Select data monitor screen.
3. Select TP degrees on screen.
4. Ignition and run switch should be in the on position with the engine off and throttle in closed position.
5. If closed throttle TP degree reading is not between 5.2 - 5.6 degrees, TPS should be recalibrated. See adjustment below.

1. Connect vehicle to Data Technician.
2. Select data monitor screen.
3. Select TP degrees screen.
4. See figure 1-60 (shows the idle adjustment screw, position is also shown in the owners manual). Back off the idle adjustment until TPS is at 0 degrees and then continue to back out one to two additional turns.
5. Open and SNAP SHUT throttle control grip 2-3 times.

Note: This is to ensure that the throttle plate is completely closed before beginning recalibration.

6. Select calibrations screen.
7. Select Buell calibrations tab.
8. Select the Zero TPS function.

Note: When calibration is complete, dialog box will appear on Digital Tech screen with message to display "Command Sent Succesfully" Select OK to continue.

9. Select data monitor screen.
10. Select TP degrees on screen.
11. Turn idle speed screw in until the TPS degree reading is between 5.2 -5.6 degrees.
12. Select RPM/Speed and Temperature on screen and start vehicle.
13. Run vehicle until engine temperature is 270 degrees F.
14. Set idle to 1050 - 1100 RPM
15. Adjustment is complete.




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