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Kevin Drum and CW2 TJ Anspach
Kevin Drum & CW2 TJ Anspach
United States Army
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These instructions apply to all 1125 Rotax powered Buells

Parts included in the kit are: muffler with J nuts, collector / downpipe, aluminum spacer, 2" long 5/16-18 bolt nut & washer, two 60mm pipe clamps and one 67mm pipe clamp.

Stock Muffler disassembly:

1.      Loosen the two clamps on the stock pipe’s collector.

2.      Remove the bolt that attaches the stock pipe to the oil cooler.

3.      Loosen but don’t remove the two allen head bolts that hold the right side foot peg assembly in place.

4.      Remove the right side muffler hanger bolt.

5.      Remove the left side muffler hanger bolt. You have to access this bolt through the spokes of drive belt tensioner pulley. You might have to move the bike back and forth a bit to line up the spoke hole with the bolt.

6.      Once the front pipe clamps, front hanger bolt and two rear hanger bolts are removed you can wiggle the pipe off. It weighs 20 pounds and is a bit awkward to hold so be careful.

New muffler installation: 

1.      Loosely place the two 60mm clamps on the collector / downpipe.

2.      Loosely place the 67mm pipe clamp on the muffler’s intake pipe.

3.      Slide the collector / downpipe up onto the two stock exhaust headers. Wiggle it up as far as it will go. It should cover the entire length that was covered by the stock pipe.

4.      Take the stock hangar bolt and pass it through the tab on the oil cooler, then through the supplied aluminum spacer and finally through the net tab on the collector / hangar pipe. Put the washer and nut back on but don’t tighten them just yet. It’s a bit of a challenge to reach these parts, but its’ not that bad.

5.      Lift the muffler up under the bike and slip it foreword onto the new downpipe.

6.      Using the stock bolts line up the muffler’s hangar J nuts with the stock mounting holes. You might have to slide the muffler on the downpipe a bit to line things up. The J nuts are in slots so there is some adjustability on their location. You can poke a Phillips screwdriver through the mounting hole and nut to line them up if need be.

7.      Now all the bolts are in place but not tight. Start by tightening the two foot peg mounting bolts first, then the front hangar tab bolt and then the two rear hangar bolts.

8.      Lastly, tighten the three pipe clamps.

9.      Now start the bike up and enjoy! The paint on the collector might smoke a bit but its just curing so don’t worry.




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